I Still Remember You

I still remember you on that Sunday afternoon
I wiped away your fear and brightened up your mood
You came to me like a frightened little child
Crying and shaking, I held you all the while
I still remember the times we had back then
The laughing, the crying, and the hearts we had to mend
You were so beautiful in your summer gown
Being on cloud nine, never wanting to come down
I still remember the time you left
Leaving me heartbroken, saying it was for the best
You said you had to go; it was time to move on
We finally danced to our last slow song
That night I awoke, drenched from the sweat
Body shaking and in a frightful dread
I did not know then that it really was the end
But deep inside I knew I had truly lost my only best friend
Next thing I knew, when I opened the news
I saw your picture in an obituary review
It said you have gone to rest with Jesus
And your smile had always pleased us
You took with you all the love in our hearts
Only to become an angel in God’s loving arms
May you rest in peace, were the final words
For the rest of the day I was in a foggy blur
I went to our favorite places, sat under our tree
Thinking why did this happen, how could it be?
You were so full of life, not stopping to rest
Only to smell the roses, for time was YOUR guest
I think back on the memories and the “You” I once knew
Never wanting to accept there will never be another you
I arrived at the funeral, flowers in hand
Still not believing where I now stand
I came to you and said you’re my best friend
This is not farewell, only ‘till we meet again
It has been over a year now and I still feel the pain
The loss, the sorrow, and the face I will never see again
My eyes are still blurry with the tears that fall
Remembering the woman, a drunk took from us all
Now I know you are in a place better then this
Flying on the winds of Heaven with an angels bliss
I still remember you, your smile, and your eyes
The way you laughed, the way you cried
I will always cherish the moments we had together
In my heart, you are there, forever.

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