3rd Drawer Down

I’ve got a secret
Something only I know
Hidden in plain sight
A sinister treasure trove

A knowing smile crosses my lips
While I watch the news clips
Demented, perverted, totally sick
On America’s Most Wanted “honored” list

Papers recount the grizzly details
All those things our society fears
The boys in blue showing concern
And still clueless after all these years

Victim #8, Miss Vickie “I want you now”
Shock frozen in dead-set eyes
A remote motel, room two-one-nine
The maids’ grotesque, bloody find

Witnesses account of muffled cries
No prints, no positive ID
Slipped through the crack in the night
Such a grand mystery

They come to ask me questions
I laugh and tell them lies
Dismissal with a wave of my hand
Because I am a master of disguise

This is the stuff legends are made of
Not a clue to be found
Another dead-end, the case grows cold
Evidence, third drawer down


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