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long season 7 msr fic on goss

Okay, this is going to be very vague and unhelpful but I'll do my best.

I read a longish season 7 MSR fic on gossamer. It was not any of the obvious ones (like Parabiosis) and I remember thinking “Wow, I’m surprised this isn’t recced more.” I remember that I found it entirely by chance and I am almost positive that it didn’t have a “Mulder/Scully romance” keyword. Not even sure if it had an episode spoilers keyword either. Might have been R rated. Honestly do not remember the content. Vaguely sure that it involved driving down the coast after Theef or First Person Shooter, but it wasn’t that one where Mulder and Scully try to make out and she can’t stop thinking about his mother. Wasn't "Above Minnesota." I was almost positive that it had the word “gold” or “black” or something like that in the title but searching those words gave me nothing. Here's hoping I didn't completely imagine this thing's existence. Thanks!


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