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Re(1): Reunited?

There are probably reunion fics in every genre of the fandom, but here are a few I remember and have read more than one.

Reunion by Donna
M&S are in different parts of the country when colonization begins. His only thought is getting back to her.

Disciple by Ceilidho
What if Scully had accepted the transfer to Salt Lake City? Five years later, a horrifying murder case reunites her with Mulder, even as it
threatens to rip her new life apart.
There's a sequel called Canticle that you can find on xphilefic.com under Stories.

A pair by Sarah Segretti and Branwell set at the beginning of colonization and featuring a reunion in the sequel. Scroll down to Operation Clean House and the link for Won and Lost is there, too.
Neither is long but they're a couple of my favorites.

No sex in any of them iirc, though. Sorry. 8-D

Hopefully that tides you over until somebody shows up with the sexy-times. ~grin~


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