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Re(4): Reunited?

Time by DKSculder on AO3 - another Salt Lake City move, but this time something happens to Scully and Mulder comes running.

Unspoken Love by Jessica Kurr on AO3: Scully thought that she could handle her secret feelings forever, until the X-Files shuts down, and Mulder decides to transfer with his girlfriend to a new state. Promising to keep in touch, Scully ends up breaking that promise when she finally decides to move on with her life and start fresh. But that doesn’t sit well with Mulder, as he slowly begins to realize the reason for her strange actions. Will it be too late?

Also by Jessica Kurr on AO3 - Amnesia: Scully suffers from a brain injury and loses her memory while on vacation. A year later, Mulder finds her after a long desperate search and tries to help her remember who she is with her new life and new identity.

Justified Means by Susanne Barringer:
https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2370/1/Justified-Means SUMMARY: A major Scully ditch leaves Mulder reeling and allows the agents a glimpse of the answers they’ve been seeking. very angsty, i don't think there's sexytimez, just the potential.

The making of a Family by Sara B on Gossamer. Summary: Mulder meets a woman in a bar and things go down hill from there till Scully leaves. Three years later he finds her and she has a couple of surprises for him. This one i'm a little iffy about as although there are good aspects to the story, Mulder is a total jerk and treats Scully like dirt until she leaves, although he does realise the error of his ways once she's gone.

There's also the Ordinary Life series by Paige Caldwell on Goss. After One Son Scully leaves the Bureau for what Mulder believes is an ordinary life. A year later, fate brings them back to together, but her 'ordinary life' threatens to tear them apart.

Far & Away by Lisa at Gossamer: Summary: Fowley is insinuating herself into their lives so Scully leaves the FBI in an attempt to have a new normal life in Atlanta.

Overnight sensation by syntax6 on her website: http://www.omniscribe.com/overnight.html
This one is during the limbo after One Son and Scully requests an assignment anywhere to get away from Mulder, esp after Skinner tells her that Diana's applied to work back at the Xfiles and Mulder hasn't made up his mind yet who he wants to work with. I think this one is a temp deal with permanent potential, but she's not even there a day before Mulder follows her and takes over the case.

That's the best i can do right now. I have all the fics i read in a database with tags and notes and it's terribly efficient, it's just that a lot of the tags etc are recent and it's hard to go back and apply them retrospectively. And there are a lot i wouldn't recommend. Sorry if I've doubled any up with the other replies, my memory is shocking.


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