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Thanks Jon Torese

Without boring anyone I just want to Thank Jon Torese.
I have medical problems , more then my share. I have to go to the restroom many time a night. The last one I went Tonight on my way out walking with a cane . In comes running 3 kids and knocked me down coming out .I was hurting laying on the ground, two adults helped me get to the bar .I thank them.
Jon was sitting there and seen me on the bench , he got water for me and made me rest. When I got ready to go he took time to walk me to my seat where my son was.
These kids have no respect for handicap people they just run around,climb the steel guide rails under the stands don't care at all about watching races (some I say not all).If they fall and get hurt then mom and dad come after the track.
I try to enjoy the races with all my medical issues but It pisses me off to have this happen for no reason. When I was a kid I towed the mark there or got my#####kicked by my mom or dad.
It is sad this world is coming to this
Sorry for venting but I'm really hurting tonight because of this.
No sympathy asked for.
God Bless Jon and the two who help me thank you.

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