Original Poem


Bein’ just a young cowpoke, ridin’ drag one night,
I was out with the cows, when I saw a great light,
It took off cross the heavens, the whole sky was alit,
It was spooky, I tell you, them cows was havin’ a fit,

It had been a hot one, that summer day,
I suspected that this evening, there’d be hell to pay,
Then all at once the sky-fire came down,
Rain started pourin’, as lightning hit the ground,

Them cows started runnin’ as fast as they could,
We’d prob’ly loose some in the gullies and wood,
The herd was a-scared, that wet, dark night,
A whole herd was a runnin’, dad-gum, what a sight!

The storm was a ragin’, when off to my right,
I saw ole Charley Beal, get into the fight,
He was whoopin’ and hollerin’ as loud as he could,
Trying to head up that herd, fore’ they reached the wood,

Six-shooter blazing, firing straight up in the air,
Ole Charley was ridin fast; he had only one care,
To head off them runaway’s, to turn em’ if he could,
Fore them cows came crashin’ right into the woods,

I never saw man more courageous than he,
Ole Charley ridin’ like a kid—Heck he was least fifty-three,
Old he may have been, but he’d seen things we’d not,
He knew what’d happen, if that herd wasn’t caught,

He rode that horse as fast as he dared,
Wavin’ and hollerin’, you could tell he was scared.
Faster and faster Ole Charley did ride,
Till at last he succeeded in turnin’ the tide.

And when it was over, the stray’s rounded up,
I headed for camp, and a steamin’, hot cup,
Only cookie was up them boys all asleep,
Cept’ for their snorin’, there was hardly a peep,

The boys were all tired from that night’s events,
Wrapped in saddle blankets, their rest heaven sent,
And o’er in a corner, peacefully asleep,
Why there lay ole Charlie--I recon he’d earned his keep.

Night Cowboys!

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