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Freebies are sometimes posted on this board. Please be aware that a freebie can only be claimed up to one week after it was posted.

Freebies are often granted to "all active characters". A character is considered active if it has made an IC post within the last 2 weeks. Posts made after the freebie was posted do not count.

new items in shops!

Character edits/additions:
Points to Bank – Allows you to transfer a chosen amount of character points to your bank. 4x cost per point, so 100 points = 400$

AquaAir Familiar – Allows a water-familiar, e.g. fish or whale, to levitate through the air and breathe. – 1,000$ Thanks Raev for letting us use this idea! Raev can claim one of these items for free.

Forever Baby – Eternal Youth for familiars; keeps a familiar at a younger life stage. – 1,000$ Thanks Edel for this idea! Edel can claim one of these items for free.

Baby stat items
Born With Familiar – Use when breeding to generate a random familiar for your baby. Please give familiar names when requesting baby stats. – 300$

Seahorse Pregnancy - When a male and female character reproduce, the male will become the one who gets pregnant and carries the baby. - 800$

Seahorse Questionable Pregnancy - The magic is a bit broken on this item. When a male and female character reproduce, there is a 50% random chance that the male will be the one who becomes pregnant and carries the baby. - 600$

Post enhancers
Dragonskin Armour – Bullet-proof armour ideal not only for defence, but also mobility and agility. Can also help deflect some magical attacks. – 900$

Upgraded Poppins Bag – When in need, reach into this bag to pull out the very thing you require, e.g. a torch when it’s dark or food when you’re hungry. Cannot pull out magical items. There is a “cool down” period between pulling items out. – 2,000$

Magic Shepherd's Staff: gives the user information about the location and wellbeing of all pets - 750$

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