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The order pretty much stayed the same in the march to lap 40 with Shullick the man on the move. He was fourth passing Trent Stephens for the spot on lap 35. On lap 40 Stephens, who had a top five on Friday, was out of the race.

Ordway showed the way once more on the green with the top ten still pretty much in tact until Johnny Benson, who had re-entered the race, was stopped in turn 4. He was pushed in. Rich Reid also exited the race here with Tim Snyder in and out of the pits for the second time.

At the halfway mark, Ordway left little doubt he had the car to win as McVetta and Lichty still fought for second with Shullick, Sammut, Barnes, McKennedy and Jedrzejek biding their time in the long feature.

Unfortunately, McVetta's night ended on lap 58 when the 22 had rear end gears go, leaving some fluids on the track. He and Ordway had been in contention last year when both met with misfortune. This time only McVetta felt the bad luck as he was hooked off the track.

This delay was the last as what mounted to a forty lap sprint faced those remaining. Ordway now had Lichty, looking for his first Hy-Miler win, right behind. Shullick, Sammut and Barnes had closed up the gap with McKennedy, Jedrzejek, Jeff Abold and Dan Bowes a couple car lengths off the bow.

Realizing it was go time from behind, Ordway turned up the wick as did Shullick, Sammut and Barnes.
With 30 to go, Ordway encountered a lap car and was able to get by easily as were Lichty and Shullick, Sammut and Barnes.

At the lap 80 mark, the top five began to string out, leaving McKennedy, Jedrzejek, Abold and Bowes in line aways behind.

Things got a little frenetic when the dash for the victory mounted on lap 90.

Ordway had just passed a lap car which slowed Lichty and Shullick as they got by. Barnes was knocking on Sammut's door helped along by the getting by of that same lap car.

With 5 to go, Ordway came up on Dave McKnight, who had been penalized for jumping a restart, and was able to get by but Lichty, Shullick, Sammut and Barnes found it a little more difficult to get around the veteran who was racing in his 25th Hy-Miler and a former winner.

Ordway was not to be challenged for the popular win in those last three laps while Lichty had clear sailing in second, leaving the 70, one lap down, between Shullick, Sammut and Barnes. Barnes grabbed fourth with two to go, leaving Sammut in fifth and giving the sub driver of the Miller 11 a third and fourth place finish for the weekend.

“I just want to thank Vic Miller for giving an opportunity to drive for him. It was just an awesome weekend. I want to thank Leo and Scotty for all their hard work, Big Dan, and my father for coming and helping out. And Vic's sponsors, Shea Concrete, Jimmy D's Motors, Granite State Salvage and Perley's Marina. It was great to fill in for Chris Perley this weekend. He's a guy I love racing with and always cheered for. We had a pretty good car all weekend. We didn't really have to change much. I think it was more the driver. The car was better than the driver. I just haven't raced with a wing in five years. I think we were as good as anybody else at the end of the race for sure. But, I don't race with these guys enough. I took it too easy at the beginning. Then it was probably too late. I had too many guys that I should have gotten behind me. I had some growing pains trying to get used to the car, to get a feel for it. I really can't be happier for Vic Miller and the team.”

Mark Sammut, who started second, was okay with a fifth place finish. “We were tight at the start. We were a little short at the end but the car ran pretty good considering how bad we've struggled this year. We weren't quite quick enough to keep up at the start. After about fifteen, twenty laps, we got rolling. The car ran good through the middle of the race, but in the last ten laps we were just hanging out as we'd worn out the tires. That cost us a spot at the end. Not much you can do. It was a decent run.”

July 29, 2017

Fast Time: Mike Ordway Jr. - 14.519
Heat 1: Mike McVetta, Jon McKennedy, Otto Sitterly, Mike Lichty, Johnny Benson Jr., Kyle Edwards, Jim Paller, Talon Stephens, Dave McKnight, Guard Nearbin

Heat 2: Dan Bowes, Dave Shullick Jr, Michael Barnes, Trent Stephens, Jeff Abold, Michael Muldoon, Rich Reed, Joey Payne, Tim Snyder

Heat 3: Ben Seitz, Timmy Jedrzejek, Mike Ordway Jr., Mark Sammut, Alison Cumens, Dave Danzer, Moe Lilje, AJ Lesiecki, Denny Fisher

Mike Ordway Jr. (61), 2. Mike Lichty (84), 3. Dave Shullick Jr. (95), 4. Michael Barnes (11), 5. Mark Sammut (78), 6. Jon McKennedy (21), 7. Timmy Jedrzejek (97), 8. Dan Bowes (25), 9. Jeff Abold (05), 10. Talon Stephens (30), 11. Michael Muldoon (15), 12. Dave McKnight (70), 13. Tim Snyder (0), 14. AJ Lesiecki (77), 15. Mike McVetta (22), 16. Johnny Benson Jr. (4), 17. Trent Stephens (19), 18. Rich Reed (55), 19. Otto Sitterly (96), 20. Joey Payne (14), 21. Alison Cumens (39), 22. Moe Lilje (74), 23. Dave Danzer (52), 24. Jim Paller (64), 25. Kyle Edwards (1), 26. Denny Fisher (81), 27. Ben Seitz (37), 28. Guard Nearbin (47).

ISMA Fast Time Award, sponsored by KDP Townhouses ($50) – Mike Ordway Jr.
ISMA Hard Charger #1, sponsored by 4th Turn Crazies ($250) – Dave McKnight
ISMA Hard Charger #2, sponsored by Anonymous Donor ($100) – Tim Snyder
Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants 5th Place Award (Case of Oil) – Mark Sammut
Coyote Construction Last Car Running ($100) – Tim Snyder

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