Re(1): Spafford sign

Perhaps next year he'll be more up beat and happy.
But at the last BORODINO pancake breakfast when Chris came to the window, I motioned to Shum that this is the guy to talk to about the sign. CHris said it was " behind the building," at the town hall. My wife and I drove behind the town hall buildings . We saw nothing so it must be inside a building being upgraded by Lou Dewit and Chris F and the new councilor for a fall delivery. There are other members of the community that can help set it up who have a quasi degree in mechanical things. Us them and save money? Let's see how Lou and Chris F uses a political science degree to get the job done. Many people volunteered money and time for the last one. Let's see what the new councilor and Chris F and Lou do. They got the time. Lets see what happens. Why else would I receive a phone call from Lou saying I'm not qualified to be a member of the board because I lack a political science degree. I didn't need a degree to clean up and challenge the powers that be in cleaning up the Borodino landing for the kids and adults. Didn't see Lou or Chris F put their money, time or effort into fixing this working families issue. There is more to life than short team rentals.


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