Re(1): volunteering and highway

You got what you deserve. I, when I ran, said I would build a new building to improve the efficacy of our workers. But we where to cheap to do such because we used the same narrative: we pay enough in taxes...
well i see the cars we drive and laugh. Gods laughs, too. Can't we drive cheaper cars and more fuel efficient vehicles? If we have the $$$ for this crap then why not for a new building? But you people cry about higher taxes for this idea and u justify it. But Mary asked for no help. ( big girls club ) Also she thinks that CONSENSUS will mean that we will not need a building. ( so why build one. But she would not want her kids working such a ####ty building ) If I was appointed by Luke and Chris I would have been able to help. But they failed to properly interview new people for the councilor position. It took Chris Fesco and Luke only 1 minute to pick... Wow. what do you say about this club?
Anyways, my shop runs well and I could help. But NO...
So the big boys/girls club i wrote about was about senior management's style. And the big boy club i wrote about was in reference to the parties activities. Mary went to the fire commissioners meetings to get a better idea as to how things are done. Fine... But when I go to the Spafford democratic meetings here in town to get a better idea as to how we run our party i have to question their complaints of the "big boys" club. Why didn't my arrogant and white privilege party promote a new building? Are we too cheap? If you have a problem with your taxes then complain to the STATE and Federal Gov. Local is not the total problem. Why did't you help with the maintenance of the veteran's memorial while Mary was Boss? Why did I have to fix the water pump when you #### well know how to fix it. So she let the water pump go unfixed for years. So what does that say? You have more time than I.
Moreover, we need a new sign. So help with its design and costs. Donate 100 bucks like i and others did. I and my friends paid for the last one that some at the historical society refused to use due to their hatred of us who made it. Talk about petty....Do you see the big boys and girls club now?

So they don't work a full day. I was not asked to be on this commission to analyse the highway dept. Again we got what we deserve. Now you can thank Chris Fesco and Luke Dewitt for half the problem because they thought a person who has done nothing for this community and who has a political science degree would be their best bet. Hope you write something about this. But I see you have not. That is how smart I really am. You got what you deserve. Thank Chris and Luke who will continue the inefficiencies. And you helped enable them. My eyes and Gods eyes can see all of this...

respectfully Joe Vecchio 1850 East Lake Rd 673-9565


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