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Re(2): OT: Gossamer search

Thanks Mimic. I used to do a search just on Goss in google, but now when i try i get a message about robots.txt blocking searches. My usual search has expanded since then to include a lot of other sites in a single search so I hadn't noticed except that ephemeral results are coming up (the cache version) and I was surprised not to get a gossamer version. I have to go in and grab it manually.

I'll share my usual super secret google search which is: "search text" site:fredfarm.com OR site:keyofx.org OR site:xphilefic.com OR site:gossamer.org OR site:ephemeralfic.org OR site:whispersofx.net OR site:spookyawards.org OR site:mulderscreek.com OR site:virtualseasonx.org OR site:xfilesfanfiction.net OR site:xffics.com OR site:archiveofourown.org OR site:fanfiction.net OR site:mulderinjeopardy.org OR site:annex-files.com

there are more sites I check on a secondary search because it can only take so many characters. it's handy to be able to search multiple places at once and i can do trickier searches than a lot of the individual sites allow.

I think the thing with the direct linking may have prompted them to change the robots.txt which prevents web searches. It's a shame. I've never linked to individual story pages because of the way it's set up, I always just link the author page and make people put in a bit of effort. Never mind, now I know they're not showing up I'll go in separately. I just couldn't find that message when i went back and thought it may have been relevant, and while it doesn't mention searches it's probably something related to that.

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