Mother Earth Furious As A Raging Red Bull

Gnome hatter, mankind nixes
ole native prescience
quandary revanchist
sans slunk territorial usurpation, vexation
withering fomented
annexation decapitating (figuratively)
grandiloquent heavenly omniscient presence
quickened trolling uber victors with x2c
tis button zippered illusion
of free will doth hostage
the day of reckoning i.e. approximately
nsync with Doomsday clock
presages nightmarish Janus-faced image
wanton abuse, coarse deeds dust
entail the strength of Job to expunge
present and future generations

unfairly burdened with mind numbing
costly keelage anonymous
bipedal hominid emailed supreme deities,
who dwell amidst the crags of Mount Olympus
to affect, co-opt, and effect countervailing flagrant
insidious lethal malicious narcissistic
outrageous, rapacious, selfish treatment
offsetting global imbalance leverage
tipping point imposed on environment
incurred per peons
(population pressuring planet)
provokes plaintive plea
potent powerful inherent sub
and supra processes
to assume potentate position
where unleashed figurative dogs
didst miss manage
the presence of machinations

meant to kill via lethal and mortal,
defies description,
thus absolute criminal
ecological gasps vis a vis non-langauge
though libel to affecting unfavorably imprimatur
indigenous peoples Navajo, Miwok, or Osage,
et. cetera less criminally, devastating
extant upon terra firmae,
whither called Gaea a Greek page
or Tellus Mater prominent pagan
upon celestial Roman stage
identified furious

antiquated natural phenomena personifications
riled since time immemorial
awoke wrathful wreathing
(analogous to fire breathing amazing dragons),

whence slumbering god or goddess to unite
orchestrate psalm quotidian,
Roman Saxon threnody
ululating, excoriating, decrying,
bemoaning, and accentuating destruction
wrought upon terrestrial firmament

viz a goth thick plagues
Linkedin world wide web
execrably diabolical,
eponymously fiendish, and ghastly horror
indelibly joyously kickstarting
(particularly ramped up during Century21,
long fostering exploitation devices contrivances
patently dreamt up to eke out living wage.

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