My Matty Mattel Doll circa MCMLXV

My Matty Mattel Doll circa MCMLXV

Akin to significance my eldest sister
felt toward her “Willies” –
until she became a tweener
(totally tubular fuzzy bendable contrivances
analogous to an outsize pipecleaner)
my Mattie Mattel Doll meant the world
(circa mid 1960's), the whirled wide
webbed world on the horizon
with promise of much greener
virtual Oculus pastures once found
amongst Carib beaner
indigenous tribes.

Any child with creative artistic bents
(minus this scribe, whose innate abilities cents
less limited me drawing stick figures, more so dense
macabre satisfactorily applying
beard or mustache ala events
magic marker to picture printed
(faces forged into fences
of famous people popular
within culture club), both gents
or gals, whose retouched photographs
beggared facial pents
sieve hair loom of men and women,
while simultaneously rents
sing preoccupied to access
excel lent glue, devoid of common sense
household padding material,
and short scraps from circus tents
of yarn for do whit your self based artisans
into trash bin of history project wents.

Even than orange ranked as the new black.

This abhor ridge gin null snippets
red + yellow colored strands
atop kepi twas pseudo hair,
sans manufactured eunuchs adorned head lands
with avast linkedin fingerhut dishabille curls),
could easily construct grandstands
a similar facsimile re: globular molded,
incorporated, glommed, errands
contrived head (vis a vis Plaster of Paris
overcovering NON GMO gluten free
partially hydrogenated brands
inflated balloon) to affect trademark
globular fuzzy noggin dry as Awklands.

The simple plain plaything included
a fitbit lifesaver size plastic ring
said small circular loop perfect “O”pening
to get jammed below first knuckle the King
Kong of index finger affixed to a short string
(when pulled to extent tub buckle did bring
taut tether) activated moonfaced fixed bugeyed ping
pong blank stare to utter garbled syllables
asper one who nipped viz suckle something.

Despite the drabness, homliness,
laquered pated trapped
xyst Yarmulke cheap flatness,
I loved ragged slapped
around, and still iconic schlepped treasure
(uber voiceless with rapt
zealous application bridging elementary
functioning gizmo), initiating mapped
jabbering lock lipped prattling. Sometimes
well worn action hero lapped
exhilaration, (got tossed in the air, booted
as football, succor silently accepted flapped
sear sucker punches from robed buck
after favorite fictitious "brother" chapped
accompanied my scrawny
body at bath time) to adapt.

None the less, this adored billed idol kept me secure,
especially on rare occasions
that found this contemplative, a lore
ring dutiful, fun loving kid
under the weather, or hospitalized for
minor adenoids removal,
which entailed swallowing quite a chore.

Oh yes, this non gendered plaything (non descript featureless sewn seems showed zero differentiation, no matter to tell this August, cherished, fondled kiddie piece de resistance lacked sexual identity.

Absent reproductive organs (eh, nada so significant omission) cuz, this seemingly resistant quirky plaything, who unfairly received punishing physical indiscriminate treatment), yet still connection omnipotent bond existed as if goofy guise happened
to be extended part of mine kempf.

Upon reflection, asper this childhood memento (nary a clue what triggered remembrance of things past yesterday comprised true value), an aha moment awoke to attempt to cap cha vague essence about pretend friend designed in 1955, and based on a conceptby Mattel co-founder ElliotHandler. The character “Matty” derived from the name Mattel.
The nom de plume a concatenation of sortsderived after founders, Harold Mattson and Elliot Handler. A brainstorm session yielded concurrence viz the hybrid name of Matt + El (short for Elliot).

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