huzzah to chaos!

Entropy peon no real - chaotic poet

theorizes, surmises, realizes, outlandish notions
manifesting gibberish inside frangible egghead,
especially when attempting tip ply words struggling
to describe abstract whims fed
by fancy, groovy, heady indefinable
mind boggling ideas they weigh like a led
zeppelin inside gray matter squeezed

to the max like a sponge dark red
when saturated with near incomprehensible
thought processes that attempt to shed
light on cosmic principles, yet lack
mathematical familiarization wed
did with advanced studies in astrophysics (trace
sing pinball erratic mental reverberations
leaves me stupefied) about mysteries of space
time continuum, quantum mechanics,

and even how my existence came about
since the presence of human race
whereat random
evolutionary circumstances took place
on planet (un) fit Earth analogous
to skien woven of sateen lace

via some invisible hand weaving
world wide webbed warp and sub woof
fur wrought primordial miracles
ranked (within schema by human primates)
as zen amazingly grace
full promenade,
per multivarious species, now one Janus face
sing self destruction duet hoo

weapons of mass destruction can erase
entire range comprising terresrial biota
unable to escape original weeknd update
with Jane Curtain, and Chevy Chase,
and according to Stephen Hawking the base
sic global web spun via Homo Sapiens
will lose role as topdog
ousted from twittering, spotifying reddit queue
over stayed plenti potentiary pinnacle,
oracle outlook netzero for mankind as ace

forced to relinguish role,
sans self anointed supreme beast
(what a beauty this bipedal hominid),
whose surging population didst increased
the process toward total vaporous xfinity zapped
frankly tubby sub letted and leased
to another organism
not needing tubby policed.

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