DAVID MUIR,please come home. we need you. NOT ALL TRUMPS FAULT, is it. . Black Man view?

joe the less they read the more they know... proud of it. let their kids suffer from it. u put your money where your mouth is. media needs to change before a tax or health care replacements can change. you are right

i liked the jokes and facts about the posts full page ads for themselves that ask readers "how they shop" but not their opinions on factual energy issues. your proof was true. You use energy as a theme for the proving points. You could have chose the ACA but that is for later im sure.

we see the Post crying with "syracuse univerity" taught EXCUSES, from NEW HOUSE PROFESSOR DAVID RUBIN, excuse #1, " THEY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM excuses or excuse #2. IT IS HARD WHEN WE ONLY HAVE ONE PAGE TO WORK WITH" endless ecuses, - or better yet, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Their arrogance is caught on video. You show it. They did lie and mislead. Negligent misrepresentation. what do they know with a 5 year degree in journalism? love your proof. Glad you went to her home after she refused to be interviewed for errors in her work. and didn't care to upgrade. And the cops came. Did they laughed at her hypocrisy? They can Mock the ECO of WELCH ALLYN and us readers can't mock them? Freedom?
See you at Morris's next town visit.

will watch again next Thursday with some family ...


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