crack pot kewpie doll crowned crash test dummy

Das dunkoff deliberately drafted
dis damn daffy drivel
dont denigrate doodling, deftly demonstrated,
diligently doled, dribs drabs, do-say
doing dandy dancer
displaying dopen derived dimwitted drek.

Exercising effort encompassing
expressing ejaculation
eliminating every eminent
excellently evolved equalizing
element er excruciating exertion
earnestly elbowing explicitly
each endowed equipoised eppaulted
essential earmaked e-z editorialized expose.

I reckon there must be a gamut of grammarians
waiting in the wings (shutterflying
at the speed of Soundgarden),
cuz soon after pumping iron heck,

kinetic, narcotic, pathetic, quixotic, rhapsodic,
poem within a flash fans descend and feast
upon thy warbling, twittering rocketing
my ego to the moon!

King Kong Kennedyesque Kappelmeister
cuckolded, cinched, canoodled, keepsake
capitalone Dixie Chicks, Indigo Girls,
Lady GaGa Godiva cagily,

knowingly, Kafkaesquely, kinesthetically
kissed kepi's kewpie dolls causing capitulation
crushing Candy– clean cleft clear clobbering kaput -
clinched culture club moss commotion
calling Casper Weinstein the overly friendly ghost

granting clemency clearly convinced
crowning Charlie Chaplin chief corporal
kickstarting clandestine covenent
kept Locked Horns -

cleaved cloistered community cohesion
creating civil unrest
tandemly totally tubularly trounced
thru trumpetting Don debacle

detonating divisiveness driving Miss Daisy
(a hybrid flowering biracially
Black Eyed Susan) daringly declared debutante,

she sprouted sense and sensibility
without prejudice, but plenti pilgrims pride
paternally passed from Mayflower coterie Compact
Massachusetts Plymouth Rock venerated vociferously, near Salem witch trials

bewitched secular citizens,
where Razzle Bathbone (held heretical liberalism)
freed Wicca Witches of Witchita
wayward wretches willingly casting their Lot

with fortunetelling forcefield manifestation
forecast, an Oracle of Delphi,
where hurled discobulus trajectory traced arc
resembling Moisbus strip without nose hound
but distant barking brought bedlam

by half baked, battered, berserk
Betty Crocker brand Fitbit binnacle
encompassing blazed blitzkrieg
stymied mutiny on the bounty hunters

synchronized yelping at birth, sans this son of a bitch, stirring cry of echoes, which
cosmic Flickr ring soundcloud reverberated
whimpering infant (Fingerhut size) detected

via uber reincarnated voodoo warlocks
twitching triggering happy full figured slug
hook gushed upon pressed release mechanism
screaming (Banshee like)
bullet tin heard worldwide,

where webbed warped woeful
Widowersdating wretch
woof whistled while witnessing
wondrous once in a lifetime phenomena

meanwhile kitsch hen squawked
with pan dim mown deem
signifying sell lube re:us son
settling Harris heir apparent,
wherein gyser spewing gremlins awoke gargoyles
grimacing grotesquely ouiji board blamed.

Well done rabbit reading ridiculous rodomontade
reaching runneled stream strewn
with vibrant vistas
offering Avast Outlook Linkedin
to a Yahoo mailer daemon

the Buzzfeed ding bugaboo badly
crashing gateway necessitating fix
Uber Lyft via spell checking incantation
at the door, whence Earthlink
from Godaddy helped Indeed.

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