rye bold assonance

A Fanta See over rides reality!

I like to get six + 9 ?Are you??????
schlepping writer,?ᅡᅠnatural body
and laid-back vibe?ᅡᅠ
I'm all about therapeutic touch via
bolts, nuts, screws and life of bee dogged trees.

teasing with idealism beef hoar
illusory vision fades away
whatever ur method for stress to allay
perhaps mebbe e yar surfing tub bid on e-bay
enjoy this day
or night sky painted fifty shades of gray
whether completing
n ordinary task such as pitching hay

searching for a needle, or quietly in bed ye lay
whence yar imagination doth - like tha ant elope play
imagining whatever fantasy
mental efforts wish to stay
versus bing told "GO A WAY"
or sum mother retort akin
to go fish or jump in Lake Woebegone,
Yukon axe me an axle lent question
that pop into your head -

any query wood soot me fine 4u2 ash
pardon my being so brash
as into ur settled life i crash
while search 4 pinch from missus dash
this juvenile dill link quint doth wish

to indulge verboten fruit with thee in a flash
skipping stomping on glass spattered with hash
drive vin by each of your love eye lash
when lids flutter at light speed,
that b4 my eyes appear as A mush-mash,
and that even a slight halo head-dress
appears like a bridal sash
wheel coming ye as
"chief garbage taster" walking white trash.

puzzlement at ma style o writing,
thus far did not find an urge in ye 2 flee
but please, i intend no harm boot feel glee
because u r so beautiful tum me.

like right now, i wand dah d'ya goot a mac attack
if passion could gush -
while either u or me like on our back
2 generate r own sin tha sized
pet troll Liam also called frack
no bag o trick this punster doth lack?!

well...anyway hullo duh ling!
how ah ya? boy do look ma ville us!

:)dis hard knock er skool alum
invites hew to take thee ss bum
& rube hee zzz magic flute for
liquid asset amadeus Mozart
wood wolf down like a gang
as meself bait for mistress tub be comb,

thus, reveille tapped out taut as a drum
stick - albeit an itty bitty teensy
weensy bona fide courtesy
frum me...the little known, boot famous
in dis papas po' house - held 2getter with gum
and toothpicks - in summer

sealed tight by august expansion
via mister sun hum
ming a radiant tune - re: wee thin mine interregnum
wheel soon end and thankfully for ewe go mum
boo twill oaf her mad duress
write when'r ya feel comfortably numb

matthew scott harris
schwenksville, pennsylvania, 19473

u madam moist lock lee hat rah striking beauty to me
i sense thee wholesome - with insight eye see
a gorgeous gal so ripe n succulent
from the human tree.

email duyeer93@aol.com,directly or
dial mine tracfone = 215370--8929 if ye
wanna me to drool ova yaw lil zyder zee.

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