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DEAR. JOE PADUDA and his TEAM. Undercover Voter TV SHOW wants you.....

I wrote in the Spafford Dem Facebook platform that joe was going to loose. Why? His media consultants thought using Trump rhetoric in the robo calls would be the answer. So it is true. Politicians or pre politicians donít listen to the hard working voter they talk so much about. So we good Americans must stop this election bull#### before the 2018election cycle.

Our UNDERCOVER VOTER TV Show would like to be different.
To start. We want to start local. As a Democrat that attends the Spafford Dem meetings, I will request a town hall meeting with Joe Paduda and his team of EXPERTS so they can answer question we loyal infidel Democrats have. Like, who decided to USE Trump rhetoric to convince us to vote for Joe? We want to know what makes educated people think and act like this? Can we meet for a briefing and an interview. We need unorthodox media like this. Help start a good thing.


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