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MSR no xfiles, samanthas in college, lives w teena, sometimes comes to mulders apartment?

I read this fic like a month ago and I realised i didn't bookmark it like a FOOL and now i can't find it. it's driving me crazy.
So what i remember:
Samantha is there all fine and dandy, i don't think she was ever taken. M&S aren't on txf, i honestly already forgot where they work. idk if scully was pathologist, dr or an agent... ive got a vague idea that M&S met thru a life saving event. but i could be confusing that w another fic.
M&S set sam up w mulders friend who's a chef? M&S move in together. Scully's parents are happy. Mulders mum thinks scullys just w him for the money? for some reason? but theres not really a stink made about it. oh near the beginning mulder gifts scully a leather jacket that he orig got for samantha? Prob nc-17 i remember a lot of sex in their shared housing.
I thought i read it from theiinfbi but i've gone thru the site 4 times now and its not popping at me. maybe i need fresh eyes.
ramblings over.


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