Re(1): Democrats love PUTIN

PIPELINE THROUGH N KOREA BY RUSSIANS> DAVID MUIR'S editors REPORT.... NOT.. they are not that smart or well read. Remember, Russia wants to build a gas line through N Korea. so Russia will keep supplying rocket casings etc to NK to get the deal. Russia doesnt need its pipeline terrorized as it runs through the capital of NK. Japan needs gas. Why? Guess. Think. Some Nuc plants are down.
They want gas. Russia wants a line to the end of SOUTH Korea. then ship it to Japan. Thats is how the world works. why not ON DAVID MUIRS show. where are his content people? what do they read. I dont want to know a stunt man got killed on the set or tom cruis broke his #####...silence is golden. Blame exxon...

remember the China/Russian gas deal for 500 billion. china loaned Russia 20 bill. time to pay back. Venezuela owes 60 now. in our last video we showed Ven getting 20. butthat documentary was done years ago. Now it is 60. they did not use that money to upgrade... Guess us Americans arent that stupid. sierra club? Thorium. that is sad. my own party.

also what about the Saudis and Russian meetings during Obama to cut production to raise prices and to damage US production and GNP...really?

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