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Struggle to write

this poetic prologue a feeble exercise to encapsulate the commonplace frustration experienced by this fledgling author. after the short spurious poem below decks, he will resume in full sentence format his reflections about being hobbled to cobble words together when he tries he darnedest to capture some fleeting idea.

filed within memory banks
jagged shoals of rock
illusory images frieze
in my cerebral pad lock
forcing together mis
matched metaphors
or what not ad hoc
there a young lad skip
ping with his lass in
a colorful frock
passing fanciful
day dream per la
zing about on the dock
while hands of time
ticks by on the clock
sober reality check
tears me away from
idyllic distractions
rearing head of immense
frightful mental block
from a bygone stud
dent of Antioch!

now an epilogue and expansion of given thesis sans to the above resumes. i now oblige objective at hand, and resume in prose fashion expressing difficulty for me to craft building blocks of english language in a fitting manner that does justice and gives liberty to leaping lizard like thoughts that dart to and fro hither and yon within my mind. rather than censor or edit, I pour out at rapid fire rate the notions that flit thru me noggin when first staring at the blank and white screen. sometimes eyes remain closed to help initiate the process to summon forth this, that or another just barely perceptible concept. the task less difficult when the topic provided as happens to be the case with this five hundred word epistle, which preconceived subject automatically narrows focus into figurative box. when provided with such specified issue, the effort still arduous to gather plethora of disparate points indicating many directions the diatribe in question could shift. any one of these paths (if not most) take to down a moribund dead end with only the infinite abyss as an escape. countless trials and errors find exploration (to the state of near physical exhaustion) where each bramble strewn route only finds this pensive fellow hopelessly and inextricably entangled within his own thicket of unprintable verbiage! would you believe and/or accept, that ah aha eureka moment arises (and vacuum like powerfully sucks up every ounce of concentration) most unexpectedly and inconveniently per on the toilet, when paragraphs nearly tumble pell mell of their own accord (defying the laws of physics) from the tips of these fingers or er out the bowels of this silly simian. a frantic attempt finds zealous effort to tap out such nonstoppable barrage barreling forth from the fount of motherlode, than finds the slightest distraction (such as a delivery of parcel, tornado, cosmic catastrophe, et cetera) to lose that precious spider thin thread forever lost along the vast vista abandoned like useless obsolete materiel! even upon hour spent per scrutinizing satisfactory completion of any length manuscript, an unbiased opinion of displeasure frequently takes place and finds utter disappointment and these myopic eyes staring once again at a white washed computer screen!

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