men with my name sake

Would the real “Matthew scott harris” please stand up!

Curiosity got the better part
of me as thine fingers 
   typed Matthew Scott Harris
into the google search bar
lo and behold and much
to my chagrin and amusement, 
   others with mine name
sake constituted roles
in various walks of life car
ring out their whiles
and ways sans existence
covered the realm 
   from administration
of President Dwight
David Eisenhower 
the celebrity circuit,
where his claim to fame and fortune  
   as movie Producer
(born in Jacksonville, Illinois) 
   for silver screen cine
mat tic debut enterprise finished regal Dimension far 
off beaten track sans degree
(from University of Illinois) 
   in Civil Engineering,
After practicing as an engineer
for several years, 
   a decision made to open
a restaurant in Chicago with nary a har 
binge er - After operating
popular eatery for
more than ten years, 
  a whim directed destiny
viz hit time to make movies 
   curved renown skyrocketed quest 
   analogous to aligning skill sets into stratospheric isobar
which exertion pitched
head stone carvers
to acquire vital context 
   where next of kin content
with obituary hiz death 
   unexpectedly Tuesday
morning, Feb. 24, 2015 of Loudonville),  
   tomb epitaph incorporated
passion as avid outdoorsman,
who loved fishing, hunting 
and canoeing. I aced
as supervisor with tele
communication company,
Telecom Towers Inc.
yet by some stroke of premature pronouncement,
whence during funeral
the coffin lid rose a jar
scaring the s**t out the
backsides per mourners,
where demise found
sights drawn to undertake  
   a totally tubular career
as graphic artist from Buffalo 
   (Educated at RPI), who
constantly looks for work today to mar
row, out of necessity to pay bills,
and as prodigy with numbers
attained plaudits
as financial solvency whiz,
and par
for the course irresistibly
tempted forging credentials -
with a self crafted faux pas star
re: expert as a fraudulent 
Loan OfficerNMLS # 240801 - 
   but Youngblood’s hired
fretful dexterous dude
for extra cash tip play git tar,
   while police got tips
wagging tail, and unfortunately 
butter field bursar ruse
landed rising star into clinker
sans Cook County Inmate at age 49 
   CB NUMBER 19043182, when arrest occurred Tuesday,
January 13, 2015 11:53 AM,
and released the next day due
to first time misdemeanor plus absent recidivist incarceration possession
of 5000+ grams of Cannabis, which exposure to magical, miracle
and mystical herb set sites
to become a professor
Clinician of pharmacology
to help fight the so call "drug war".

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