humorous poem

cannabis sativa mini seedy saga

(the smoker you are,
the drinker you get -
never vouchsafed by this
ill eagle non substance
nor amber liquids
of the dogs imbiber).

as a mathematical abbot

weeding thru bathroom rag

i.e. regular toilet tissue paper

prior to completing important
private business matter

on the sacred porcelain chamber pot

more revered than the king’s throne
molded from a gold ingot

which the heady Mary Jane
made more than hit token appearance
and quaffing
inxs of one hundred proof shot,

Nonetheless, boy gnome hatter
her inebriated state,
she still looked smoke kin hot

asking if I wanna marry

her attired in drag
at a joint where bong

banged on by the hands
of a phenomenal drummer
taut as a hemp knot

with music in his blood
while blowing fractal rings –
holy marcal scott

the immediate utterance
and rather creative bon mot

found me stock still

like stone wall Jackson,

who unfortunately got shot

unwittingly by his own

(confederate troops),

whose demise an awful blot

per the southern cause

during the civil war

and if anachronism

to receive medicinal aide

available instead

of primitive treatment he got

as well as other wounded soldiers

of misfortune on the battlefield

whose faith the any almighty

power could do little to save their lot,

yet availing my imagination

to twist time like that mobius strip

mortally wounded Rebels

and Yankees free from

facing death on a cot

might be successful hemp

entrepreneurs cultivating a little spot

of land hemp would outstrip
cotton as king as export to trot

back to lady gaga who

scorches throats yet delivers bagged

illicit goodies with bo diddly squat

narcotic as sweet
as savory kumquat

palliative that hits the spot.

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