poem about amanda knox

Amanda Knox ™

(this pastiche promulgated many moons ago from those screaming bloody thirsty headlines from the Italian court for justice sans the brutal homicide attributed to this then American college student and her ex-

boyfriend). My gut reaction that zero apr guilt linkedin with lonely looking lass, who may very well bear the burden of culpable guilt for the rest of (what this totally tubular unknown guy no war) a fulfilling life.


with the assiduous vigor
of a cadre of volunteers
brought sought after fruition
of freedom per the release of imprisoned

young (twenty something) American lass
whose former life sentenced
commuted to egress from
an Italian jail to her home
within Seattle, Washington

whereby family, friends
and strangers who fought
for her liberation breathed
one palpable surprising
sigh of euphoric relief
when the plane who boarded
landed safely on the tarmac

of SEATAC aswarm with frenzied television camera crews scrambling to get
the initial scoop and what promises
to land this once anonymous cell bait
an undisclosed amount of lucre

which many on the other side
of the pond find mind boggling
if not downright objectionable
moreso livid with rage
against the Machiavellian machine

on account of supposed
culpability in tandem
with her then boy friend
accused (under the guise
of guilty fiat)
sans homicide
of college roommate

now sought after garnering
this fawning female
(salaciously tagged
by Perugian court
with the sobriquet “she wolf”
now faces a future replete

with riches aplenty
allowing gravity of ugly epithet
plus stigma from accusation of murder
to serve as basis for what will
no doubt be a best seller
not to mention made

for the silver screen blockbuster
with subsequent royal carpet treatment
to compensate for guilty judgment decreed
without tangible evidence
nor fair trial to boot!

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