At the last pathetic KATKO WATCH rally they taught me to “ resist”. So I did my duty last night. Should my lawyer call the Equal employment opportunity office and sue? The interview and review and question process when I submitted my resume was zero. Watch video. Was 5 seconds to decide. Thanks to Chris F and Luke D. No corruption here. Especially after Luke calls me and tells me “ I have stiff competition because my opponent has a degree in political science and was a lawyer” ( if she really studied PS she would have purchased a more fuel efficient vehicle to help stop global warming and political problems associated with it, yes? No? ) Yet she did nothing for his town. Did she ever go to a Borodino Fire dept Pancake event? Did she have garage experience since us democrats ran with Mary Bean so she could better understand the garage and fire departmeent’s operational standards. So Luke, why did you call me. Why not give me 1000 $. ( remember when I helped his family and took a big financial loss. ) Y not pay up now ??? Have. hrisbF help. She has money also...

So I guess last night was special. Chris Fesco and Sherry and others asked and talked to the 3 new prospects..But not with me when I ran.....I guess my resume as a hardworking, honest, non greedy, non status seeking blue collar auto body man embarrassed them. ( who told me I was lucky to have a shop here and that The new comprehensive plan outlawed body shops as if we are all dirty and greedy....Thanks .. yet u want fire protection 24-7 for your families safety. So why not have good business here in town where the operators can help,in times of need. Did you ever think that was relevant to Mary Beans attention to improve fire protection for her constituents???
So they profiled and “painted with a broad brush”, as us liberals like to say, ones skills. What happened to diversity and inclusion?Chris Fesco and my party odid the same when I ran for a seat as an independent. She tried to stop me because my wife did not get out of the car at every voters home to witness the signatures. Wow. Petty. And some say I have an attitude...rather have an honest attitude than be corrupt and a sexist. And we are in the same party. But I was warned of her real self. Is she a sexist? Yes. Sue me. So she did the same thing when I sent in my resume after Dave left. There was no dialogue between me and the board. Again, they planned it this way. I can be professional at Tesla or Columbia pictures share holders meetings, and at the first town hall meetings. But over the years I learn to see the sexism and fakeness of Chris Fesco and how this killed my party. After 20years and we still have 5 people at our meetings. Good job Chris in leading our party. No ideas??? Prove me wrong. And she places her hand on mine at the last Borodino Pancake event. How manipulative is that. It is how they do it. Like VAN JONES says, they get what they deserve. Hope Chris k apologizes for letting this fly. Or was he part of this? He can find fault with me and I can and have found faults with him, no one is perfect. Give people a chance....

So...Two different standards for picking councilor seats? Why? Did the town attorney see this? Must create a new town law to make sure there is a standard to follow. Resist? Yes. My attitude was created by them. So don’t attack me for what I did. Appreciate the effort. Why be silent. God didn’t put me here to tolerate this. And I love it. Resist white privilege.....that is what my party says so that is what I must do. God be with me...sorry so long. More to come


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