priceless prospective professionals of tomorrow - title

periodontal disease the bane
of Homo Sapiens,
and many a canine species
such as Great Dane

or an alien pet smart tumblr trying to feign
bing the best faux pas footed friend
to kind hearted primates of man kind,
which latter perhaps an aristocratic
Anglo Saxon overlord
generously re pay hay'n

his/her diligent indentured serfs,
and more importantly air
unlimited pro bono dental care
at Ivy League storied
University of Pennsylvania

School of Dentistry
which demonstrably crafts aspiring
reputable Dentists,
many anon dis track did Engineer
or among other additional
competitive uber pursuits

nonetheless, said
accredited blessed charges
per this institution of higher learnin'
paying back every single buck
renown for plethora of duck
quacking supremely smart graduated students
drooling to bark out

bone a fide intelligence fluct
chew waiting genius stratosphere
comprising grueling vetting process
scoring acceptance,

a combination menu demanding
eminent genetic luck
incorporating top notch
flying colors and pluck

initial pre admission screening interview
(from prospective students
leaving a positive first impression stuck
thru rigorous quizzing presentation paces),

which gauntlet on par with Olympic ardor
assiduously, modestly,
swimmingly convincing board
with collective listening ear

comprising decision makers, judging fair
how fated genetic sprig wrought
(from imponderable hereditary blend his/her
that above average intelligent head gear

to be applied at afore
mentioned die hard lessons here
trials and tribulations didst ap pear
at timely juncture at me then young life

when onset
of periodontal disease didst rear
innocuously unbeknownst then,
that...nada one tooth experts could spare
though grievously sad to bid teeth adieu

now, tis gratitude these words
pour favor at a tear
and second to none false teeth
at age LIX doth veer
rill lee inspire this
very satisfied patient
February of 2018th year.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
back in the day
aye gladly placed trust
asper resigned then questionable oral fate
before hairs turned gray

joining high achiever pact (and pack)
to endure academic gauntlet
divesting global incentive
with alacrity, humility, tenacity
and thus this poetic disquisition

to pay homage to aspiring successful
and alumni sporting ring of brass
aye honor within elite chattering class
one significant summa cum laude graduate
sum decades ago,

perhaps reclining,
reflecting, and reimagining
latex gloved gloved hands (now retired)
'pon some tropical island paradise,
or freshly mown grass

incognito with sun glasses
revels Doctor John Brent
perchance bred (bingo) begot
astute lass
or lad exemplary instructing

thru his own blood, sweat and tears
who (for x number of years)
treated patients in an ever growing mass
sieve lee tending a family dental practice
within Harleysville, Pennsylvania

asserted superb reference (on my behalf)
via telephone to Doctor Montgomery
(aye presume) also enjoying
his twilight phase (if alive - I hope).
adieu: matthew scott harris
date of birth: January 13th, 1959
(if curious to reference proactive intervention chart)

address: (offered for no particular
rhyme or reason:

2 highland manor drive
apartment b44
schwenksville, pennsylvania

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