poetic prose

embrace ephemeral exultant moments of joy

This sometime pawn (plays fair and square
on chessboard of life) wants to rise in ranks
by rook or crook. He can don guise of austere
knight in shining armor, but that game piece
limits range of movement. The bishop seems
diagonally constrained as well.

Leapfrog I must to head honcho position
of stately king, whose all encompassing merits and pyrotechnics offer the best of the lot. Me bee some da, ye will find
yarself as sum ones winning Czech heard mate?

This modest male de cries control of another,
and would much prefer to rule via diktat
of laissez faire. Perhaps his aroma,
charisma, karma and persona disallow the forced authoritarian nor totalitarian approach.

After all, he did grow up in under
auspices of Unitarianism, which
non-religion set the stage for democratic
liberal philosophy. Perhaps,
absence of forceful ness might

thenceforth be envious of other
sur rounding domains and fiefdoms
and a voluntary acquiescence
to join rank and file the constitutional
fellowship of our (meaning:
writer and reader of this
email) little idyllic paradise.

Rhythms Of Flux

The sinusoidal curves of life
bestrides trials and tribulations
from cradle to grave whipsawing
and fish tailing
ascending atop white cap crests,

and descending subsurface troughs
encapsulating cyclical moments
within memory banks
reflecting tangential co-signers

until arbitrary age of eighteen
or twenty-one years,
when onus of responsibility
mandates that each potential adult

dost adapt to the paradigm of reason
disengage from pranks of youth
wound held potential harmless mischief
sprung since day of birth

summarily enjoyed precocious
until fellow over loaded
whence autumnal dusk arrived
concluded during winter of discontent.

from::matthew scott harris

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