Need for change

What's happened to the training system?
There seems to be quite a lot of disappointment and discontent amongst trainees.

I know at least a dozen of trainees/colleagues who have resigned/left the OST over the last 3-4 years or thinking to leave.

But why?

Is it to do with the quality of training programme?

The length of it? 7 years + further fellowship(s) seems a bit to much compared to American and European counterparts.

Lack of support?

Increasing beaurocracy and paperwork, portfolio?

Too much emphasis on refelection, audits and papers rather than skills needed to treat the patient and get the job done?

The doctors being treated as kindergarten kids rather than grown-up adults?

I think we are creating a lot of unnecessary restrictions which will backfire sooner or later. There is a need for change in mentality and philosophy.


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