embracing demise

Timeless Fascination With Youth

I aged a small number of hours,
none the worse
since posting about Daylight Savings Time,
a radiant playful verse

teasingly succeeded against being terse,
a cogent tangential thread,
where passage of "time"
ranks front and center

this central theme
constitutes cultish obsession
with vibrant youthfulness
as if senescence a crime imposed
(at birth) on every purse

son, thus a healthy and prominant grow wing
(nee bursting out all over)
market and cottage industries didst swing
into high gear (make that overdrive)

addressing telomeres shortcomings
justifies tamper ring
with chromosomal genes
to sustain bug eyed sales figures,

asper amazing grace full spy king
scales into the stratosphere,
with cosmetic surgeons hoe ping
where, (particularly among
baby boomer generation)

appear younger looking than offspring
(albeit, whereat either gender undergoing
bust ting bosoms and tightening tushies)
to foster said tune, where billions of dollars
come into play, I haint joe king

this feeding frenzy removing without a trace
(of surgeon's needle) unsightly wrinkles,
stretch marks, blemishes, et cetera
(over a life time) fulfilling vanity

in the name of eternal quest to coup biology
paying mega bucks
postponing twilight/ evening
years not yielding
to depredations when dotage
a stark reminder
what natural aging doth bring

superficial (skin deep) transformations,
which cannot reboot major organs
allowing elderly to rock with van
halen again, since primary maximal apex
i.e. post adolescence/

early adulthood
marked urban
boisterous antics,
the tacitly accepted behavior,
that would appear down right foolish

as if elders played kick the can
if chronologically old geezers
let Mother Nature
rightfully round up steering committee
gently rowing rickety ship of lovely bones
dutifully paying (chump change)
to the bargeman.

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