Endgame of the mafia clan

Objective: to take out cataract, lasers, and injections completely out of NHS into private sector so that they can start minting money!

How do they plan to achieve it:
Two steps, simple really if you think! Step one- discredit everything that is good. If a middle grade is a very good cataract surgeon, start propaganda campaign, smear him/her, discredit him/her, hound him/her and force him/her to leave. Operating middle grades will bring down the wait list, and that is not in the best interest of the mafia clan!
Step 2- completely destroy the training system, particularly surgical and skill based training to produce an incompetent generation who will run the NHS ophthalmology (casualty and emergency services) without competing for the private practice patient pool of the established mafia! Mint money and live happily ever after! Some department heads are on payroll of insurance sharks and working from inside to bring it down!


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