Perfecting Imperfections

Adjusting here and there
Is the name of the game
Feverishly mashing buttons
With sticky fingers, strewn with sweat
Managing to form incoherent sentences
Hoping this resolution among many
Will be a diamond in the rough
One that will last a little over a lifetime
I titled this piece years ago
“Most important parts of the shot”
Though now I realize it’s true irony
No one aspect of a basketball shot can be ranked above another
They work together in harmony
Creating something specially chorent
I have spent too many long hours
With my tail in between my legs
To not come to realize
There will always be an unreachable light at the end of the tunnel
That sometimes seems so probable to journey into
My blissful ignorance blinds me from reality
For even those farther along the journey have encountered all the same
You will never be able to bask in it
No matter how hard you try

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