Re(4): Middle grades

Lots of expat indian eye doctors from here have established private or privte-public hospitals in India & they provide surgical services as visiting consultants. I have attended atleast two such hospitals one in Indore and Jaipur, around three years ago. They are FIRST CLASS eye hospitals, with modern theatres - phaco facility, argon & VR etc. I had excellent hospital provided spacious accommodarion unlike nhs cells. Food specially was always fresh & tasty, made on the day. I found the patients to be very corteous, long queues of patients patiently waiting for their turn, never complained to anyone, always most obliged for the surgical services offered to them. Most of these expats UK doctors have established private practices, mostly in the evenings. I have not attended their private surgical sessions but hearsay is they earn very well. I have been to some of their family houses, certainly look very well-off & established. Get out of this 'colonial mentality', india has progressed and very rapidly.


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