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Re(1): Octavian Series

Notes I & II are on my tablet waiting to be read, so I don't know the storyline yet & can't help you with similar ones.

I'm with you with the lessons learned by reading incomplete fics, because when I collected this one I noted that I only found I & II. I did find the following comment on atxc from Jan '99 which doesn't bode well for it:

..."I wish I could tell you that 'Notes III' will be posted soon, but I can't. I have been working on it and am about 1/3 completed, but I'm just plain stuck.
Have you ever looked at something you've written and thought 'How on earth
did I get here and where do I go now?' I know what I want to happen, but I
just can't seem to make it so. To be precise, I can't seem to make it *good*
and make it so.

Long story longer: I'm wrestling with an annoying case of writer's block. So
for right now, I can only keep plugging away a little at a time and pray my
beta readers can make it better. ;-)


I'm hoping that if I know in advance that I'll be left wanting more I won't be annoyed when I get to the end, so please warn me if I'm wrong Of course, I can let you know once I've read it if it rings any bells with regard to similar stories, so you're best not to say anything.

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