Re(1): Toothless grade cheap labourer

The real problem here is overtraining. Most of the NHS ophthalmology work can actually be done at registrar level. It is not necessary to do a doctorate, sub-specialist fellowship or produce numerous peer reviewed publications in high impact journals.
You can understand for those who have done these things they simply are not going to apply for these middle grade jobs at half salary.
Those running the training system should understand that we are some way ahead of the 1970s when there was a steady stream of Indian graduates grateful for the staff grade job in the UK. First generation Indians now come from a rapidly growing economy, and their expectation economically is not to receive half a salary to support their family with. Second generation British citizens of Indian ancestry who qualified here are not going to take these posts. It is time some consultants realised this. This is particularly true of the women who have not been brought up in an Indian culture and certainly do not see themselves as submissive in any sense. They probably have more leadership skills than average. Some have clearly demonstrated that they have outstanding leadership skills when given the opportunity....


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