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Fairly recently, Google's refusal ro do business with the Pentagon regarding use of AI in weapons that kill hit the news. Their contention was that such products and business was "immoral". Following that news release, news was released that Google was still doing business in China even though China requires the sharing of innovations such as that incorporated into the very products the Pentagon was attempting to buy from Google. Daily news indicates that Google's policy regarding these "immoral" weapons still continues. The irony of Google's policy in reference to AI business with the pentagon is that use of AI in our weapons minimizes death (like innocent civilians).

However, Google is more than willing to sell other services and products to the Pentagon. Based on the above, I think it is time for the government to do everything it can to shrink Google's footprint in government business. For starters, how about placing Google on debarred/ineligible lists? Perhaps slapping a tariff on similar products or services they produce in China would help - IRS should be taking a very hard look at income stemming from business in or for China. Absolutely no work visas for Chinese nationals to work for Google in US! I am corresponding with my senators to push these actions.

But it doesn't stop there. I intend to voice my discontent with Google directly and to avoid Google products or services whenever I can! I know I am probably fighting windmills!


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