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Re(7): TRUMP

As I naively stated, my supposition is based on liittle fact or evidence. It is true that those who once provided honest UNBIASED information is defunct, and now I go to Fox News and CNN AND then try and sort out the bias and try and believe what remains. A couple of years ago the Sinclair News Org had a superb man reporting the news on a separate special 15 min slot on one of the local TV station, and our local USNA Alumni chapter had him as a guest speaker (name forgotten and recall he once lived in Annapolis or nearby) What he pointed out that the individual parts of the news media DECIDES WHAT will BE the NEWS. or presented. That was a powerful control of what recipients get Maybe that is what TRUMP calls Fake news - but the focus on the "reporting." They do not cover things in an unbiased way and DECIDE what to cover. Somewhat it is the same what the Axis and Allies did during WW 2 - it was then called PROPAGANDA. Maybe we should stop calling what we get from the news media - call it what it is - Propaganda - not the news. Maybe I am having great difficulty sorting out the truth or facts. I think maybe those voter (hourly paid with blue-white collars) may have the same problem as I have. WE need to stop calling it news but call it what it is PROPAGANDA and not news.

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