@mr twells

perspective from a retired ophthalmologist

@twells where is the hatred!! these two groups are poles apart coming to their clinical schedules, leaves, pay plans, study/training/teaching
sessions, pass rates, contracts, surgical sessions, banding, career progression, general attitudes of consultants etc etc. A poster here has quoted a consultant indicating hiring a
female trustdoctor just because they are more bendable to {ab}use. Is that qualify as hatred!! Does that turd qualify as a hater?
Someone talked about his surgical sessions being taken away & modification to his contract midway to carry on with this perpetual abuse.
Which deanery trainee will permit that? Does that poster also qualify as hater!!!
Trustdoctors have bravely and convincingly & with due respect echoed their genuine bread&butter rights. Where is the hate here!!
This attitude, two class system and actions qualify as abuse of power & these posters have a right to protest.
Trustdoctors are down to earth simply mirroring their genuine concerns and protests.


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