Re(2): Deliberate prolongation of cataract wait list

You must live in dream land where everything in life is a conspiracy. Lets be honest, a lot of people I see with cataracts are coping and surviving just fine. Many consultants I know are skilled and hard working individuals who are willing to do their best for patients. The guys with the best hands are not sitting there all day doing phacos with 6/12 vision but are sorting out the people with the traumatic cataracts, the people with phacodonesis and brunescent cataracts that other monkeys can't do or do not want to touch otherwise you will #### yourself and then cry when it all goes wrong and you don't know how to cope. Many consultants are too busy doing the PVR detachments or the nasty grafts or tubes or cancer reconstructions with half their bloody face missing to give two f%7ks about cataracts that are generally routine and require far less skill, experience and expertise. Get a grip. FuŁ6 right off to panarama if you want.
When I do clinics it has got to the point that some trainees and staff grades and other lazy nobs or locums can't even be arsed to list patients and just bring back in 6 months. Make a decision, be practical do the job.


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