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Re(6): He Said/She Said?

As discussed in the below-linked article, Dr. Ford has provided four sworn statements from individuals who state that she told them about the Kavanaugh incident several years ago; long before Kavnaugh was put forward as a Supreme Court nominee.

The below article: (https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/mcconnell-projects-confidence-doesn-t-have-votes-kavanaugh-yet-n913116) indicates that the votes needed to confirm Kavanaugh might be more difficult to achieve than Senator McConnell has indicated.

The below article: (https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/read-sworn-declaration-kavanaugh-accuser-julie-swetnick-n913336) contains the just-released declaration of a third woman who has come out condemning Kavanaugh for inappropriate sexual conduct as a teenager.

Both Kavanaugh and Judge deny that the alleged drunken events ever occurred when they were teenagers at Georgetown Prep.
However, Judge's book, Wasted, discussing his early drinking years; (See below: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasted:_Tales_of_a_GenX_Drunk) has to cast some doubt, at least on his denials ).

Also, Kavanaugh's high school yearbook writeup apparently tends to reverberate some of the comments in Judge's book; e.g.;
"...The yearbook makes reference to Kavanaugh’s drinking in high school. His yearbook page includes a reference to '100 kegs or bust,' and calls him the “treasurer” of the 'Keg City Club'..."
[Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia writeup on Wasted:
"...The author discusses a phrase, "100 Kegs Or Bust", in relation to excessive alcohol drinking during his times at Georgetown Preparartory School.
Judge remembers a student he refers to as Bart O'Kavanaugh who passed out and threw up in a car.
The author recounts going to drink alcohol with his friends at bars for many evenings in a row.
He presents in-depth memories of orgies and attempts to have sex fueled with alcohol at residences along the beach shoreline...."]

[I would assume that the Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee would bring up, in detail, the accusations of the other two women, even though these women are not called upon to testify.
I also would assume that they would bring up some of the questions raised about Kavanaugh's and Judge's conduct while students at Georgetown Prep].

Four Sworn Statements About Dr. Ford's Allegations


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