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Re(1): Bulletís bold blueprint to save Navy aviation

Very interesting, but it seems to fall into an approach we used to call some sort of rigging once upon a time in the past. No need to go there.
Iím no aviator, but I did provide logistic support design specifications for Navy shipbuilding projects, and there are several principals that should apply to any weapon system, be it ship, submarine, or aircraft. Itís called design budgeting, which is a fancy term for using a modular approach during the concept and detail design phases. For instance, an airplane can be thought of as a marriage of three modules: the airframe, the propulsion or power system, and the weapons system. If each module has specified space (geometric), weight, and power parameters, then its possible to hold the main frame (i.e., the airplane body) constant, and upgrade the other two while holding their design parameters constant, thus achieving modular design. This also simplifies logistic support, because each module is subjected to logistic support analysis, which takes into account consistency of spare parts, maintenance, and personnel training at both operational and depot levels. Itís an economical approach that gets around the old problem of designing new ďone-of-kindĒ weapons systems, be they ship, sub, or airplane. It just takes a little discipline at the top.

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