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Re(12): He Said/She Said?

The will to fight for an ideology (i.e., our Constitutional form of govenment) is what's missing in this "Generation X" or whatever these young shits call themselves. I'm not questioning the will of our armed forces--they're the equal, I think, of their WW II great granddaddies)--but those who've been conditioned by our schools and institutions of higher learning, the socialists. We have seen during the past two weeks what the Democrats are capable of. It's a matter of "he said/she said" they say. B.S! What "she said" doesn't matter--it's false memory at its best and deceptive lying at its worst. But what "he said" has to be taken at face value. Can you bomb an ideology out of existence? Bomber Harris and Curtis LeMay did it in WW II. When Hitler committed suicide, there wasn't a damned Nazi left in Germany.

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