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Re(13): He Said/She Said?

I just want to mention that one of the three TV channels that has been spending so much time talking about the Kavanaugh case is Fox News---and I think you would have to agree that they are not spending all of their time telling lies trying to hurt Kavanaugh.

New subject:
I just finished watching Kavanaugh's Yale roommate talking about what a heavy drinker Kavanaugh was back in his college days.
I have to say that I don't think that talk of this type will have any real impact on whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed.
I think that the only thing that might trip up Kavanaugh at this point is if it can be positively determined that he lied in his testimony to the Judiciary Committee.
The possibility that seems to come closest to that is the assertion by Ramirez's female friend that she was approached about refuting Ramirez's statement several days before the New Yorker report containing Ramirez's statement came out.
Kavanaugh, on the other hand, testified that the first that he ever knew about Ramirez's statement was when he read it in the New Yorker report.

Even given the above, I think it would be hard to nail down Kavanaught as having lied about this issue; this, because Ramirez's female friend says that "Kavanagh, and/or his friends" approached her on this matter.
(see below link).

Or---as I heard one fo the commentators say, in the final analysis, it all boils down to how Flake, Collins and Murkowski feel about how the whole process has gone.
If two of the three are not satisfied, it looks like Kavanaugh's confirmation could well be sunk.
(Even Trump's mocking Doctor Story during a campaign rally might even have a bearing on the final outcome!)

Did Kavanaugh Try to Suppress Raminez's Testimony?


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