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Re(12): He Said/She Said?

Bill, it's hard for me to understand how senators can look back and condemn a young man's sowing wild oats and use it to offset the accomplishments of an adult lifetime. During his testimony, he admitted he liked beer and confessed to putting things in his high school yearbook that he wishes he hadn't done. But every young lady with whom he associated came forward to testify to his sterling character. The Shumarite senators on the Judiciary Committee have seized every innuendo about his youth to justify voting against confirmation. I won't go into the "sterling" characters of those who would describe St. Paul of Tarsus as a "jailbird." Whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed, the Senate's "Advise and Consent" authority has been damaged almost, if not completely, beyond repair. This is the socialists' accomplishment during the past month. I'd say I am appalled, but they won't let me use such a big word. Thank God, I never had to be confirmed for any federal appointment. The Senate would condemn me because one night I went over the wall, had some beer, and picked up a young woman.


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