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Re(3): CRS Report on the FFG(X) Program

Here's a sample of some of the comments on LCS by those who follow Cdr Salamander.

"An LCS might: be able to do a trans-Pacific deployment, if only they had a wee bit more fuel capacity.
An LCS might: be able to find submarines, if only they had some ASW capability.
An LCS might: be able to engage in ASUW at ranges greater than the horizon, if only they had weapons that can reach that far.
An LCS might: be able to operate from remote and austere bases, if only they didn't require so many contractors to keep the equipment running.
An LCS might: be able to stay at sea more that 14 days, if only somebody added more freeze and chill storage.
An LCS might: be able to detect threats with ESM gear, if only the sensor arrays were bigger than a shoebox, higher on the masts and away from active radiators.

An LCS might be useful: someday."

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