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I think it's Family Matters by Mary Kleinsmith

I used Liminal to look for "Grey" and "transplant" and this story popped up.

Here's an expert:

"A kidney transplant is the only other option, and the only one that
will let you return to a normal life, Mr. Mulder," the doctor said.
"I don't want to buy trouble here, but I'd recommend you begin
contacting family members, your parents, siblings, anybody who could
be a donor, just in case. It would be better if we had everybody
typed and matched in advance."

A silence fell on the room, Mulder and Scully's eyes communicating
dramatically, though no words were said.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Scully, is there a problem?" When Scully didn't
respond, he repeated, "Dr. Scully?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Doctor, I was just . . . distracted. Could you
repeat whatever that was?"

"I asked you if there was a problem."

"I'm afraid I don't have much of a family left," Mulder said, holding
Scully's hand even tighter, the fear evident in his eyes. Just a few
very close friends and . . ."

". . . and one very concerned big brother," came a welcome voice from
the doorway.

"Grey!" Scully ran to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as he
lifted her from the floor in greeting.

"Hi, Dana." He smiled and set her back on her feet, going immediately
to Mulder's side. "How're you doin', little brother?" He hooked his
fingers through Fox's, feeling the weakness there.

"Not as well as I thought, it seems," Mulder answered. "Doc, could
you give us a little privacy?"



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