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new year resolutions

Itís 2019, which means itís time to make new year resolutions!

Below is a list of Shaman-based resolutions. Pick one to complete, and then complete by the end of January. If you succeed in completing your resolution, you can post on updates to claim a prize!

. Complete a ren quest.
. Have a character complete a personal arc, quest or goal.
. Level a character to mastery (level x).
. Complete an impetus quest or exploration with at least 2 prompts.
. Have a character create a new lasting relationship, be it a romantic, platonic or enmity.
. Have a character switch royal loyalties and devote themselves to their new cause.
. Complete a challenge on the challenge board to bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels.
. Have a dramatic, life-changing event occur for your character.
. Post three or more times a week to other players, every week, for the whole of January.
. Complete 25 posts in the whole of January.
. Write 15,000 words in the whole of January.
. Respond promptly to all threads throughout January.
. Eat the frog (do that one thing youíve been putting off for months).
. Challenge yourself to write in a way you never have before.

Want to set your own? Speak to Aspelta or Merlin. :)

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