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S7 fic from Gossamer

I've been searching for a S7 fic that I read in Gossamer quite a long back. Naturally I don't remember the title, nor the author, but do recall it had a line like "Why do you always leave?" Spoken by Mulder in the office to Scully.
I had imagined it was a Alpha post-ep fic, but sadly cannot find anymore. The setting to this fic was Scully had been preoccupied with Mulder's state of mind and was reluctant to leave him in the office alone, it was late. Yet, in her hesitation she couldn't speak her desire to him and neither did he want her leave.
Before heading out in her car she decides to turn back after all and that is when Scully hears Mulder throwing away things from his desk in desperation. That is when he speaks the line I quoted above.
This is a rather sketchy narrative to the story I'm looking for. I hope someone can recognise it. NC-17 rated
Might be dead wrong too. It could be a post-ep for Closure also.


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