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iUnintended consequences

i have recently become fascinated with world event and how they come about. It appears many thing happen to come about and the consequence were not evisioned when an action is taken
Call it the "Law of Unintended consequences". Examples-
The most significant actions made by governments tend to be unintentional.
After WW 2:
The GI Bill was designed to limit unemployment among returning serviceman; it inadvertently created a professional class of college graduates, and the growth and importance of higher education.

The VA loan was designed to stimulate the construction industry; it created the basis for suburban home ownership, and the exodus from the heart of cities.

The Interstate Highway System was meant to move troops rapidly in the event of war; it created a new pattern of land use that was suburbia. It also was a cause of the diminishing of the railroads, and also the growth of airline travel for long travel.

What is goin to happen if the wall is built or not be buiilt.

What about those self-built Island bases by China.
And its policies. Are any chance of China becoming aggressive like Germany under Hitler. The same with Putin and Russia.


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