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Re(1): Space Likely to be a Battlefield in any Conflict Between the U.S. and China or Russia

Few of the reports I have seen about space warfare are very creditable. If the Russians or the Chinese attacked our space assets it would be a deliberate act of war and risk retaliation by the U S. They are unlikely to attack our communications satellites - we have multiple ground assets to make up for that loss. They should also have great risk of retaliation if they "Blind" our surveillance systems. There is no doubt that attacking our GPS system would hit a vital military capability - but it is far more complex than most writers understand. It is 24 satellites in orbit in different planes with many "on Orbit" spares. I believe they will continue to work on anti satellite systems to keep us concerned but never go operational. It would be far more dangerous if Iran or other rogue nation that cares little about their own people were to be able to successfully attack our systems.

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